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Hi Folks!

Welcome to my site…myself Ankit Chaturvedi , a young, dynamic &lively person from Mumbai , has created this site so that by going through it, people can know me in a better way & come across the other side of me/my personality.
Born on January 6th, a true Capricorn believes in relationship that’s build to last and doesn’t commit to anyone unless can give my all to it. A good listener & can understand almost everything easily and clearly; love to live life –in stability & simplicity.

Passion: I firmly believe, if want to achieve your goals in any aspect of life; passion is an essential ingredient for that! I love to read books (based on true events or biographies etc...) and listening to music (melodious songs of Kishore Da). I also have passion to pen down write-ups & poems. Being an HR person, my articles are mostly based on HR related topics. I like to share my KNOW-HOW of my HR field with others (friends & colleagues) and hence, enhance my skills too.

Article: I have been into HR field from last 5 years I use to write articles, based on my continuous learning and experience which reflects the HR scenario in the corporate world and the problems faced by HR people. The articles get published in Citehr off & on, where I contribute and share my knowledge as a Board Moderator.

My Poems: I try to give words to the way I feel about love, relationships or break ups which you can read in my blog. Being an HR person, I have developed a unique observation quality. All my poems are inspired by this peculiar quality of mine. I have only tried to convert my experiences & observations of our day to day lives in words, with which we are surrounded (24*7).

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