Ankit Goyanka

ITpreneur, Investor, and Digital India Supporter in Jaipur, India

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Hello! I am Ankit Goyanka. Welcome to my site.

I am a passionate serial entrepreneur providing quality back office support in a digitally secured environment and partner with the best people to make it come to life.

Been there, done that. From successfully expanding the business model by trading my start-up with US based leading Digital ID verification company - Jumio Corporation to currently leading a team of over 1000, I have acclaimed a few milestones in this short journey, and am certainly not giving up the hope for many more such milestones to come.

I believe that ‘quality’ always conquers quantity in the IT service sector. The core competency of my venture includes Data security (PCI compliant environment), Digital Marketing, Secure Database Management, Finance & Accounts and Big Data (Eye for future).

With an aim to support and assist young Entrepreneurs under ‘Digital India’ platform, I also have keen interest in philanthropy and CSR with a view to paying back something to the society and nation.

My journey so far... 10 to 1000+ in 7 years.

2010 - Founder, CEO, Director - Viniyog Solutions started with a team of 10.

2012 - Founder, CEO, Director - Goyanka Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (GTPL) with the headcount of 100+

2013 - Founder, CEO, Director - ProcessVenue (Trademark of Predusk Technology Pvt. Ltd) with an initial headcount of 50.

2014 - Build globally accepted company structure and successfully sold GTPL to US based Market Leader Jumio Inc.

2015 - GTPL renamed as Jumio India Pvt. Ltd. and grown with headcount of 600+ with multiple sites at different locations

2016 - Jumio India Pvt. Ltd.(Formerly known as Goyanka Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) grown with 1000+ headcount and became the word leader in Digital ID Verification.

ProcessVenue moved ahead providing support to various clients all over the world with a team of 70+

2017 - Investor in A2V Tech - Genext Startup to develop leading platforms for diversified sectors.

Besides, I am interested in investing in small & potential startups in India and help young entrepreneurs succeed.

I have established a Nonprofit NGO for giving back to the society.

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