Ankit Kumar

Chandigarh, India

Hi Everyone! , This is Ankit. I come from India, the land of diversity, a developing country and an emerging economy.

Born in the most beautiful city of India - Chandigarh, I hail from the northern state of Punjab. People from Punjab are known for their fun-loving nature, daring attitude, highly energetic enthusiasm and of being proud of themselves. Basically Punjab is like the Texas of India!

Loaded with a computer science engineering degree from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, I am an experienced IT consultant having worked with firms like Deloitte and Sapient Consulting.

If you judge me as being thin from the first look, let me tell you at one point I was even half as skinny as I am now. Behind that dimpled smile :-) is a highly focused, efficient worker who is also very result oriented. I want results from the effort I put in. I have gone through constant changes personally in life as I consider myself highly resilient, someone who has the ability to reinvent himself and bounce back from setbacks and failures. I have this risk taking ability that encourages me to explore more and never settle. At an age of 25 I have had a small stint at starting out my own venture. My long-term aspiration is to be a tech entrepreneur.

I am a fitness freak and love doing meditation. Also I am passionate about new technologies, automobiles, electronic dance music and architectural wonders. After a few glasses of wine you will get to see some of my dance moves, which even surprises me. My friends and family say that I have lot of patience and they have never seen me get angry on them. The causes that I support are education of poor children and economic empowerment.