Ankit Maheshwari

New Delhi

Currently Working as the Head - Technology @ InnovAccer , my role enables me to work on cutting edge technology in order to solve the problems of tomorrow . Before InnovAccer, I was working as a Mobile and Web developer @ Trane Design Centre , Chennai , dealing with creating quick and effective PoC for new product ideas with futuristic technologies .

Learning and exploring new technologies and challenges has always been my passion. Prior to working with Trane, I was with Samsung India Software Centre , Noida and even before that .. I Lead a bunch of super talented students at AKGEC in a college Start up named Software Incubator ..

A Bachelor in Technology from A.K.G.E.C with specialization in Computer Science and Engineering ,I love to participate in overnight hackathones and other marathon coding events .. always focused to find the easiest and simplest solution to any given problem

apart from being deeply in love with the world of computers my other interests include music , movies, photography and books ... well music and coding goes hand to hand for me ... movies are where i spend my time when i jus need to chillax from all the chaos going around .. and photography is the next thing i most enjoy doing .. (the first one definitely being hogging down on a laptop to code) and books are my real frnds with benefits with whome i love to go to bed ;)

  • Work
    • Web Developer
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Technology