Ankit Pandey

I am a guy born in the district of Deoria, Uttar-Pradesh, India on the fateful day of 28th August, 1990. I was brought up at the home of my uncle, so as to complete my education at a good city school. From nursery till 6th Std. i studied in the city school. After that my father, to educate me in the so called english-medium schools, literally thrown me in the hostel of Springer Public School, Gorakhpur.

Now, from here second part of my life starts which has many cherishing memories. Here I studied from 7th till 12 th Std. I consider this as the time which actually shaped my ideas & beliefs. I was greatly influenced from my teachers and friends , the effect of which I still feel today.

The third part is quite adventurous, I came to mumbai after completing my 12th std. and enrolled myself for graduation in Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics, Churchgate. First year was pretty good, no pressure from my father & anyone. From second year my father asked me to leave my graduation move to our village where I could look after his share of inheritence. I resisted, and got out of my house. The date was 7th September, 2008.

Now, it has been three years , I never looked back. Never spoken to any of my relatives. Currently I am pursuing CA course, I took up a part-time to finance my studies.

And Believe me fellows, I am perfect.