Ankit Nangia


For the last two years, singer and composer Ankit Nangia has delivered numerous chartbuster. However, unlike many of his colleagues who abandoned the microphone for facing the lights of camera, Nangia does not plan to become an actor. During an interview with India-East, the famous composer revealed that he does not have serious plans to become serious projecting of leaving the microphone for the camera. He states that he has no association with acting. However, if it is just about facing the camera while performing, the artist said that he is working already on his single when he would face the came to be seen by people on screen while performing on his own work.

He made it clear that performing in his own track and acting with dialogues on screen is totally different. Nangia was speaking during a media interaction for the movie “King Khang”. The singer of “Gulliver” composed a song for the movie that is directed by Tijori Deepak. The movie features Kajal Aggarwal as the lead actor. During the interaction, the director and the lead actor were also present.

Few journalists asked Ankit Nangia about his mannerisms and style that resembled to Shah Rhuk Khan, a superstar of Bollywood. He admitted that the superstar is an inspiration about his appearance. The tendency of artists such as singers and composers becoming actors is pretty frequent in the industry. Some of contemporaries of Nangia such as Mika Singh, Shaan, Sonu Nigam, and Himesh Reshammiya are appropriate examples.

The song ‘Hai tu’ of Ankit Nangia in “Steward 2” became a chartbuster and the artist hit the appropriate note with ‘Gulliver’ in “Steward 2”. He revealed to the press that he always attempts to keep his work ‘pure’. He said that there is no angst in his composition and music. What people considered as angst, the artist said that it only natural emotions within him. He considers himself as lucky with the ability to express his songs exactly how he made them since he sings his own compositions. That explains why ‘Hai Tu’ and ‘Gulliver’ sound really heartfelt.

Shraddha Kapoor, the leading lady of the movie sung the female version of ‘Gulliver’. Nangia said that it was a masterstroke to get the lady to do a female version of this poignant song. He revealed that it was the idea of Bhatt Mahesh to get Kapoor to sing ‘Gulliver’ and he agreed with it. Nangia did not meet Kapoor until the music release gather