Well about me is always the toughest part and copying your profiles from other websites is what I personally feel is the job of a BIG time looser..... For hose who know me, an Intro is not necessary. For everyone else, I am not very good at it. Still.... I am an Arian, so wouldn't be too hard to guess. Monotony I HATE. I don't care about every person in the world, until they need it. For those whom I do they're being cared even when they least need it. Got a memory problem, wont bother remembering much, but cant forget things easily. Good or bad, they're all lessons to learn from. Love Motorsports, given a chance would love promoting a certain form of it. People love it, I LIVE driving... Love my car as well... Thz it i guess.... and i love bragging abt it, out f some bits of writing tht i do... This one's my fav : LET YOU BE YOU, LET ME BE ME, LET YOU BE YOU AND LET ME BE ME, CUZ IF I BE YOU AND YOU BE ME, WE WONT BE WHAT WE WERE TO BE...!!!