Ankit Choudhary

Software Engineer in Noida, India

Born in the princely state of Ahichatragarh in the Thar Desert. My father being an Engineer in States PHED Department given me ample opportunities to learn and explore. The burning sun and the piercing winds shaped my dreams and the turning life and the fierce struggles shaped my destiny. I am a recent graduate, Masters of Technology in Computer Science & Information Security from International Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.
Passionate about computers, since the days, I was in B.Arch. in MNIT Jaipur. They say never do the thing you don't love, and never commit to a work you can't do. Joined BMIT, joined late but it was all about computers. Then came the web development phase, started a startup in my 3rd year, I still smile at the naive idea of doing it. Used to sell college books through that portal. We touched technology, and we touched it hands on, but we were not good, we were just kids toying around with the spirit of Entrepreneurs. Year 2011 qualified gate, 2012 qualified gate and got into IIIT Hyderabad. This was the dream, so many smart people and so much to get exposed to, so much to learn. We were the lucky 10 who got into CSTAR Labs. Worked with the most dedicated people in the field of security. But I was mostly interested in Algorithms and Data Structure, These were the basics, the vary soul of computing, but learned the difference between doing simple things and doing perfectly. A production quality code is like a poem. And you are the poet who write it, once you get a taste in that. Its hard to resist.

Param Gurudev Dr.A.K.Das once said
"Ankit ! I find a joy in doing research, a satisfaction, which no money can buy. Its good to earn, you have to, but in a certain amount of time, your needs will be fulfilled and you will hit a saturation. Think about 'after that'. We are in academia and learning must not be focused on earning".

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