Ankita Deharwal

Greater Noida

Ankita Deharwal

Greater Noida

Hello..Welcome to a ChatterBox' Reading....

Knowing me could be a Tough to Tougher task but for a change know me well as a professional first..

I love being in my colours, my light, the ambience filled with emotions, love n success.

For me Success is an imporant n only factor in one's life as everything else revolves around it only, though majority declines this yet deep inside they agree.

Travelling, Roaming, Exploring new verges anywhere n everywhere is my passion. Photography is another important extention in these. Meeting new n creative persons, getting knowing them alwayz makes me Happy.

Cultural things, beauty things ( NATURE), historical things, n Ofcourse- Creative n Artistic things pulls me much quick.

Being a Creative Artist, i love doing multi-tasking in all sorts of departments say movie making, editing, writing or anything given to create..I love to learn new methods, softwares to enhance me creativity in all round sphere of this Graphic world.

I am an Extrovert person with my very own n personal beliefs n ideoogy mostly distinct from others' Classical approach.

AT last all my attempts n desires, my ambition to learn n experience my interests is taking me to paving my own way through Topsy turns towards the establishment of my Dream project..

  • Work
    • Advertising n Media Coordinator @ IWIS Aviation
  • Education
    • PG in Adverising n Media