Ankit Ajitsaria


V. N. Dyers & Processors Pvt. Ltd, a government recognized unit, was established in the year 1993 as a textile unit in the city of Gorakhpur. The unit is extensively engaged into manufacturing of suiting fabrics, polyster suitings and spun yarns. It is primarily into Polyester blend, Polyester Viscose blended fabric and Polyester Viscose & Polyester cotton blended fabrics.

'Fibre to fabric' is a term commonly used in the textile industry and the term also outlines the operational domains of the company. The unit is involved in the complete production process of cloth, namely, Yarn manufacturing, Weaving, Dyeing and Finishing, using State-of-the-Art machinery, imported from Germany and Switzerland.

The company in the last few years took a strategic decision to go for backward integration. The company ventured into weaving-capacity expansion earlier, and now has an 18000 spindles spinning plant for manufacturing PV yarn. The company shall be greatly benefited on all the fronts by this venture, it shall now be able to achieve consistency in quality and increased margins, which shall enable it to embark on a path of rapid and self-sustaining growth. Stringent quality check at every stage and process has resulted in getting the company, the prestigious ISO 9001 Certification.