Ankit Bahuguna

I am a logical and a straight forward 'Human Being' with a clinical point of view. I love to chop and change and try out stuffs that excite me. But deep down my mother foundations teach me simplicity and respect towards all.

I am a Research Engineer working at CFILT, IIT Bombay. And my research areas are Natural Language Processing and Distributed/Cloud Computing.
My Personal Blog:

There is something that i believe is the reason of my existence and it's the duty of: "Lighting up the Darkness."

A last "Massive" food for thought:

Know People and Use things.

We always do the other way around i.e. "We use people and know things." Just think over it for once probably we will live life a hell lot better if we understand this dynamism..........Thanks to Mr. Deepak Diwan (My Mathematics Teacher at Lovely Public School, Delhi) for this beautiful thought!