I start every morning with full of bad dreams. I have big fear about my future and my world. A thing which comes evertime in my mind am i doing right, am i in the right place, is it really what i exactly want to be, I don't know i am just flowing like a water where i find the place i shaped myself. I have also lots of dreams as all have but some are realistic and some are just dream. i have left so many things in my life some are good and some are bad. And i learnt from my experiance if you want to survive in this cruel world, you have to mantain sclience don't say any thing wether its true or false good or bad just listen other. don't expect anything from life it is all about your destiny. It play very vital role to make your life or destroy your life. everthing u get in your life its could be right or worng but the first thing is, you ll have to take experiance from that thing, without taking exp.u can't say anything about anyone. at last but not least i want to say only one thing '' I want to win the heart of all'' never want to hurt anyone..

Believe in god

Listen your parents

Fun with friends

Trust your heart

Do at least once what your heart says.

Its all about me...

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