Ankit Gusai

Software Engineer in Ahmedabad, India

"Bugger!!! How does this thing work?" It's Curiosity isn't it, that used to make us open up all the apparatus that we can get our hands on, and then eventually assemble something from that which mostly only partially operated but then, it used to give the same chill and joy no matter how many times we fire it up isn't it?

Well, thats more or less still drives me, albeit now days most of the time things just break, ha ha!! no, but seriously, building a software is more or less the same thing. as soon as we see something amazing we couldn't help but to dig in!

I like to innovate, digging into a problem and providing solution excites me.

I am looking for like minded people to work with. i want to be part of culture where people live by their work.

Apart from coding i have thing for Photography, capturing moments kinda reminds me how awesome our world is!

Some of the work that i have done in Android

1) Bixy

2) Vilo

3) Blabeey

4) Dumb Charades

5) bBoothGO

6) SnapCentral

Some of the Pictures I have taken.

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