Ankit Jodhani


Armed with,

Strategic Marketing, Brand development & Communications

Sales & Business Development

Digital Marketing, Content Marketing


Web, Mobile, Software Development

Ankit is anenthusiastic & passionate about marketing, It's in his DNA. Hehas a love affair with Technology + Business.He helps companies to conduct market research, strategic analysis and helps in pinpointing the business prospects in European, US, Canadian IT industry to expand and improve the company's marketing & sales KPI.

He is being an interface between local companies and international interns, also handling investor relations/customer care and, corporate clients locally.

He loves to connect new people and grow the personal network worldwide and also loves to empower and motivate people to do what they love.

“The one thing that he would say which defines him is, HE LOVES TO LEARN. experience, explore and do some wander."

That keeps him more 'STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY'. Always staying eager and hungry for it everyday.

He believe in, Creating Value in his job and in his life; in the friendship; to the company; to his business and to himself.

Being' a valuable, only the way you can sell yourself. but, he don't look for the competition. he try to excel himself and strive for excellence not perfection.

  • Work
    • Solwin Infotech
  • Education
    • Gujarat Technological University