Ank!t K@t!y@r

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


It is tough to talk about myself. But I'll try my best. I was born and raised in Rajasthan, India.

Right from my childhood, I have had great passion towards computers. I still remember the very first experience with computers when I was in 2nd grade in primary school. Honestly my passion towards computers only kept growing since. Apart from computers, I used to play sports like cricket and hockey during my early school years. But unfortunately with a busy schedule and commitments, I devote more time towards my IT-related projects.

I have a sister, who is married and settled in M.P. She has always supported and helped me materialize my dreams and she still does. The GURUs of my life have always been my parents. Their unconditional support and confidence in me is one of the main reasons for whatever I have achieved in life.

I will also not forget to mention GOOGLE, my favorite teacher, who has been there to help me anytime and anywhere.

thanksssss... a lot....... forever :*