Ankit Kumar Laroiya

I was born in 1986 in Delhi and did my schooling from Ahlcon Public School (East Delhi). I am a graduate in Bsc from Kirori Mal College (Delhi University) and a Post Graduate in Marketing Management. To seek opportunity in corporate world, I chose to switch my career to Sales and Marketing. Key skills that I have learnt in my career are consistency and smart work. I believe the success is a mixture of hard work + smart work + consistency. It’s important to do things differently and bring innovation to work consistently. The best antidote to overcome work pressure stress is innovation. I have always been an ambitious person with an ability to think big. I have adopted cycling as a hobby in May 2011 and regularly do group activities across Delhi/NCR. I usually mix my passion for long drive and off-road biking.

Professional Experience

Working with (Times Business Solutions Limited) as an Account Manager. My total work experience is 2 years. My job is to plan recruitment for Corporate

Punjabi By Nature

I am a punjabi by religion too and like other punjabi lads I love eating junk but less oily food. I don’t believe in existence of the God but believe in supreme faith.

My Reading Habit

I can’t sit idle, so I use my spare time in reading either motivational or books on Stock Markets. I can’t stand fiction or romantic stuff as I find no logic in such stories. My favourite writers are Robin Sharma and Warren Buffett (his ideologies). Books that I admire are 'Secret', Robin Sharma's Series etc.

I never miss updates on business world and for that matter I make sure that I complete reading Economic Times in 30 minutes time before I start rushing down for office.

Fitness Freak

'Health is Wealth' . I wake up early in the morning and ensure one physical activity. So if I am not cycling, I will jog. I like playing Football too.

One Liner for ME

'A highly ambitious guy, who believes in power of conviction and hard work. One who can never sit idle an tries everything that come across him’

Risk is a Part of Life. No Risk No Gain. Always Ensure 'Calculated Risk'