Ankit Sahay

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Life is all about living with the passion that allows you to work with no need of any holiday. When we detach our self from the results of the work then that work become more joyful and can be done with more perfection. One should never dream to become great but to do something great. Its nothing but the attachment with anything that gives us pain,anger and at the end depression. So the solution is just to live a life with strong mind and pure soul so that no one can led you to fulfill their dreams rather you led everyone to fulfill your dreams. Believe in the dreams as if its is given to you then it has a purpose.
Passionate about Computers, the modern technologies,Jarvis like UI and much more which can give me goosebumps. Have keen interest in Mythology, Astrology and History. Politics being my favorite entertainment and books are my best friends and one thing more to mention that I am also having Photographic Memory besides Langdon :)

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