Ankit Shrivastava

developer in Bengaluru, India

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A practical, optimistic, positive and friendly person with adaptive nature. I try never to hurt anybody's feelings, try because sometimes we hurt others unintentionally. I try not to break someone's expectation, so nature-wise I like to make things clear and simple, not to allow room for any confusion or misunderstanding.

I believe in myself, and I feel that I am solely responsible in framing my life. I believe that the individual should identify his/her strength as well as weakness & should work on improving them. So instead of blaming situation, I mostly work on improving myself, taking things under control in my "circle of influence".

Personally I feel that each individual have some good qualities termed "strength", and some not so good qualities termed "weakness". So thinking-wise a person can be compatible with me or not. Generally I cut-off from people when I am not "compatible" with them, to avoid any mutual hard feelings, and to avoid my energy on negative feelings for others, when instead I can work on improving myself.

Being a practical person, it's in my nature that I analyse situation before taking decisions, so mostly do some ground work, consult knowledgeable people, friends, family before taking important decisions.

I enjoy spending time with friends. In my spare time I like watching movies & TV series having meaningful story. I enjoy the company of an optimistic, practical person.

Professionally I am a developer in a software company. I enjoy my work when I am learning or coding some new stuff, but when things start getting repetitive it becomes boring for me.

  • Education
    • Indian Institute of Technology