Yvette Ankrah - Ankrah Associates

Marketing mentor and Business Coach in UK

I am a business and marketing coach and mentor.

I teach tools and techniques to help people manage overwhelm, deal with procrastination and perfectionism, create their vision and set goals and to create business and marketing strategies.

I use a four pillar approach when supporting clients: clarity, focus, strategy and accountability. These pillars cover vision, goals, planning and strategic development and the accountability part relates to the coaching and mentoring. I always start with understanding the client’s vision and if this is unclear work with them to understand what is their vision for their life and their business.

Tired of being overwhelmed by your business?

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What we can do together:

 Get CLARITY on your business vision

 Create and achieve your GOALS

 Stop feeling OVERWHELMED

 Develop a STEP-BY-STEP marketing strategy

 Gain KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS to support your business

We strive to provide consultancy which is bespoke to you. We take the time to understand your needs and work with you to develop your business.

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