Ankur Jain

Ankur Jain is a philanthropist and entrepreneur, with a focus on leveraging innovation and entrepreneurship as a means to solve global problems. Jain is the founder and chairman of the Kairos Society, an organization of young entrepreneurs working to create billion-dollar solutions to the world challenges. Jain is also the co-founder and CEO of Panjia Co. which helps early stage technology companies in foreign markets accelerate growth into the United States, China, and Middle East. Jain has said that he believes helping entrepreneurs work across national borders can serve as a means to “privatize diplomacy.”

Over the years Jain has been recognized for a variety of achievements. In 2010, Jain was selected as one of 80 students (out of 1,800) to participate in the Singularity University Summer Program, an interdisciplinary program based at the NASA Ames campus in Silicon Valley. Singularity University brings together leaders in business, science, and technology to facilitate the development of technologies that address humanity’s greatest challenges. Jain has been selected as a member of the Pacific Council on International Policy and as an advisor to the US Chamber of Commerce on Entrepreneurship. He has been recognized as a speaker at global gatherings such as the World Foresight Forum in the Netherlands, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia, and the Ambrosetti Forum in Italy. In 2011, Inc. magazine named Ankur Jain the "Best Connected 21-Year-Old in the World" and awarded Jain "30 Under 30".

Jain graduated from the Wharton School of Business in May, 2011.