Ankur Kapoor

New Delhi, India.

I'm Ankur Kapoor, Founder of Brain Advertising Agency and I work as a bussiness manager. Brain advertising Agency is an Information Technology Consultancy and advertising agency known for its lower cost and high quality of advertisements and higher customer satisfaction. We at Brain advertisement agency have a professional team, here we listen the need of customers and give them an approprite results. I'm also the director of Infycoder It Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Brain Advertisement Agency is a online Advertising Agency was established to address the increasing need for strategic, professional and creative communications services, that are intended for Aboriginal audiences or for those audiences who have an important relationship to this vital and growing segment of Indian society. Its Services are Digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click on google adverts, online Advertisements. We also Develop and designs the websites on many platforms and with the help of many Content Management System.
Functions of Advertising Agencies

Account Planning
• Advertising agencies typically have account planners who work as the go-between for the client and the agent. They ensure that client needs are expressed to the research and creative teams.
• They also work to ensure that necessary information is transferred to the client regarding creative, research, competition or any of other factor that may somehow affect how the client's product gets marketed to consumers. Account planning is where agencies start their initial interaction with clients.
Marketing Research
• Advertising agencies work with companies to establish the characteristics of their target markets through marketing research.
• Advertising agencies spend a substantial amount of time researching consumers to understand what they buy and what motivates them to buy.
• Knowing the competition, account managers at advertising agencies research the environment, identify competitors, and research their marketing tactics.
• Through market research, advertising agencies also identify political, social, technological and economic factors that may affect a client's campaign.
• Advertising agencies are known for their creative output, which can include website design, advertising copy, magazine advertisements, and radio and television co

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