Ankur Vekariya

I am an iOS developer who enjoys coding my face off. Everyone should expand their knowledge of cleaner, simpler, more sophisticated software so we can have fun with smart code.

I make iOS apps. Over the four years of iOS development experience, I have mastered the use of all the tools and skills necessary to facilitate change. My goals are for this change to bring person and device closer together, for the applications I develop to change and enhance people lives.

I am passionate about technology and always stay above the waterline with the fast paced iOS development scene. Adapting quickly to each and every iOS release.

I have extensive experience developing iOS applications writing in Objective C in the Xcode SDK. I have used other technologies as well. corona, javascript, parse, MySql, HTML, even UI/UX design using Photoshop. I have an understanding of many AWS services and technologies; S3, EC2 and more

I can work intimately with design teams to ensure that the product vision becomes concrete. I believe strongly that the experience one shares with his most trusted device should always be pleasant, wonderful, and rewarding. A strong UX is paramount and I love sharing in this labor with others who believe the same.

I strive to always better myself. If a day passes where I am not better than the day beforehand, then I have failed. As a programmer/developer, I refuse to stop learning and growing as an individual, as a professional.