Ankush Kochhar

I am a guy who was born in the Month of October in the year 1987.My parents gave me a name Ankush Kochhar. I love nature a lot and really was not thinking to hold a camera some day and start clicking. I used to capture the pictures earlier also with my reel camera but my interest was very little.

I can’t forgot the day May 2008 when I picked the camera 1st day late at night it was around 12:30 am and I was having my final exam of graduation and I shot almost 200 shots(From my Point and shoot) for more than 3 hours . And from that day I started getting deeply into photography. I Started it as a hobby slowly I changed into passion and now I want to take it as my passionate career. I am a keen Learner who is ever ready to learn from others.

Now I go to different places and capture what my eyes see and try to capture those moments in my Nikon DSLR, people call me as AK. I love to click from different angles .I don’t carry lot of equipments and try to make it simple.