ankush singla

New York, New York

I am currently a consultant at IBB Consulting Group, a small firm that provides consulting services to clients in the cable, media, wireless, and technology spaces (and has also won Best Small Firm to Work For by Consulting Magazine 4 times in the past 5 years!). My time here has focused on new product launches and innovation, an area in which I intend to continue my career. I am currently applying to business school, as I hope an entrepreneurial MBA will help me better underexpand my knowledge of the product development space.

Previously, I worked at Deloitte Consulting, where I led teams that solved IT issues, primarily in the health care space. On one project, my team, consisting of 1 analyst and 4 client resources, helped a major Pharmacy Benefits Manager lift sanctions imposed by the government (due to major system defects). On another project, my team of 6 developers helped our client (one of the first states to implement the Affordable Care Act) architect/design, build, test and launch a system that facilitated data exchange between the state's internal departments and federal agencies such as the Social Security Administration and the Department of Health & Human Services.

Through these experiences, I have been fortunate enough to continue utilizing my electrical engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology (go jackets!) to help solve clients' issues in various business functions and industries.

I recently moved to New York City, NY, from Atlanta, GA, to be in, as they say, the center of it all. My hobbies include sports (flag football and basketball are my favorites), traveling (my latest international destination was Medellin, Colombia), blogging (usually about my travels), and accidently singing off-pitch.

I am also currently planning a round-the-world trip scheduled for Summer 2015 that includes destinations such as Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Cape Town, and Rio de Janeiro.

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