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Anming Dàosenglu

Were just 3 kids whose parents were murdered by religious extremists. Our names are Anming (I'm from Shanghai), thats me top left, and Achira (shes a hindu girl from Philippines), and Ava (shes from Chicago, USA).

Now we are traveling the world to teach children from all cultures how to cure soul cancer. You see, grownups broke the world and soul cancer is an epidemic. It makes them consume everything and hate and spoil the planet and all. We kids have the cure and if we dont cure them, they will ruin our world and they will all die the miserable soul death from that soul cancer.

A man named Jean du Plessis wrote a story about us. It is a little book called CSCi. CSCi stands for Cure Soul Cancer international. If you are younger than eighteen then you probably have a pure soul still and you dont yet have that cancer. If you are like that, no matter where you live, you can help us. You can start curing soul cancer and get special powers.

Many kids, all over the world are joining to make CSCi work to save our world from this terrible disease.

Join us on Twitter and Facebook and start to develop your supernatural powers to heal and know soul things. You can also start a group in your town.

Achira, Ava and I are still running from Sergeant Helsdinges and the immigration officers because they will send us to bad places if we are caught. We tweet and post on facebook all the time, you can follow us and we will keep you updated about our adventure.

We thank the beautiful people from the Philippines, the US Military, from Greyhound, from Detroit city, and from Windsor city in Canada for all their hospitality and helping us escape from the fat sergeant.

You can also help us with your tweets, blogs anf facebooks. United we will have victory over this cancer.

Thanks for making CSCi real and for wanting to save the planet and the grownups from the cancer.


Your friends,

Anming, Ava and Achira.