Anmol Verma

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Alright ! This one's really important and I don't know what to scribble.. so here are some testimonials to me by my dearest buddies.. Which have been extracted from La Martiniere's Yearbook ISC 2013 :) **************************************** Anmol Verma, our very own ‘Verma Seth’, I cannot believe they’ve set a 300 word limit to describe this man, even an encyclopedia on him would not suffice this task and that is why I realize this task has been given to me! In my opinion one of the toughest things to do is to describe your friend because you like him and you don’t have any reason for it, you trust him without any second thought because you know that he will come to your rescue every time without any reason! Now that’s the quality which this man holds. I have never thought of the good and bad qualities in you, I have always thought of you as ‘my brother from another mother’! An honest friend, a sexy brother and a super cool musician is how I can describe him. As they say a good book needs no introduction so does a good man! Anmol does not need a description, there’s nothing which I can tell anyone about him because he is exactly the same from inside as what you see of him out in this world. The bond we share is of brotherhood which we will adore till our dying days, we (Anmol, Ganesh and I) are the sexy trio! And as Anmol describes us we are like a tripod stand: one is incomplete without the support of the other two! Now let’s end the ‘SENTI’ part and get on to the real business. P.S.: Whatever I have written above is just a mere formality and this guy is a lot more than this! Don’t ever go by his sweet and innocent face because he can make you pay for it, if you mess with him! What can I say about you? The time we’ve spent together is a quality time and will always be cherished by me. If I start recalling what all we have done together the list is endless so I’ll try to adhere to just a few and specially CLEAN incidents! (:-P). First of all your girlfriends, every morning this guy has a crush on one girl, he has a link up with another girl and then break up with his present girl in the evening( in one case after a week :-P). I don’t want to go into it, I cannot even count the number of girls you like and have been in a relationship with! Next is your report card, now this is a topic of great discussion because I’ve always had a curiosity that have you ever shown your report card to your parents? Or have they ever been known to your REAL marks? An

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    • Pune, India
  • Education
    • La Martiniere College, Lucknow
    • Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University