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Ann Baker

Colorado Springs

Ann Baker is a beautiful mountain women. She loves climbing shear walls, reading books on long road trips, cuddling with critters, and going on adventures with her husband Joe. The two of them are an inseparable team who not only travel the world but share their inspiring love stories on a romantic blog.

Ann graduated college from the School of Mines and Technologies summa cum laude. Her and her husband have built a few different online businesses that can be run from anywhere that they can power their lap tops.

Currently they are working on building an innovative pro-life non-profit called Save The Storks. They are excitedly launching two new mobile pregnancy centers in 2013!

Ann loves reading God's word and is seeking to be a Godly wife. She loves taking big risks with her husband. And her latest favorite experience is the one she has when the door of the Turban Otter opens and it's time to jump out. If you spend enough time with her you might find yourself wanting to dive out of an airplane as well.

  • Work
    • Entreprenure
  • Education
    • South Dakota School of Mines and Technology