Ann Lininger

Philosophy: I am proud to be a public librarian. I'm excited to have the opportunity to work in a vibrant community and offer my skills to make my public library a model for public service and user engagement. I believe that the role the library plays is changing and I am excited to work with the rest of the library staff and wider community to tackle these new challenges.

Leadership: I love a new challenge, so when a retirement left my department without a leader, I eagerly stepped in to that role. In my current position, I handle not only cataloging for Racine, but also all of the Lakeshores Library System as well as the day to day running of the technical services department.

Cost Savings: I believe libraries have an obligation to their patrons to provide excellent service while keeping a close eye on the bottom line. With this in mind I negotiated a contract with a new book supplier which will save the Racine Public Library more than $9000 in 2012 and at least $6000 per year going forward. This savings can be applied to providing better outward facing services to patrons.

Collection Management: It is important that the collection of a library be carefully curated to meet the needs of users. That is why I have implemented and overseen updates to Racine's collection management plan including a regular weeding schedule and the addition of standing orders for books and media to meet patron demand.

Technology and Training: Technology continues to change the way we interact with our world every day. I am an advocate of using technology to make the library able to connect with our patrons in a meaningful way.

I recognize that many of our patrons interact with the library in a virtual environment. In order to reach our online population, I maintain the library's virtual presence, including the library Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I am an advocate for allowing technology to do the tasks that keeps library staff out of the view of the public. This includes automated OCLC searches and batch edits of the catalog. This makes it possible for staff to focus on patron-centric activities.

The technological world we live in requires library staff to be able to use and teach library patrons how to interact in a virtual environment. I am responsible for leading Racine's staff technology and emerging technology training program.