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Are You Experiencing Hormonal Health or Hormonal Havoc?

I was clearly experiencing hormonal havoc! By my mid thirties I was having full on night sweats, unbelievable mood swings and crippling migraines. Something had to be done, I was missing work, didn't want to go anywhere or be with anybody....I was missing out on my life!

It took me more than a few years to associate the migraines with the hormonal things that were going on. Once I put this together though, I went looking for a way to get them under control. Hormones are interesting, and this woman who couldn't stand biology or any science when in school, became hooked. I believe balancing hormones is the key to our health. Unfortunately the "food" we put in our bodies and the toxins that surround us everywhere are playing havoc on our hormonal system.

During this time I have also watched my mom and dad's health stories playing out. My mom is, and has been for quite some time, on so many medications she has a bottle of water with her at all times because of constant cotton mouth. Recently when she was in the hospital her Dr finally took a look at all the medications she was on and pulled her off of a couple. How can her Dr not already know this?

I don't want to age like my mother. I want to enjoy this next phase of my life. It is my hope that you would like to join me on this path. I realize that not everyone finds the science of health and aging as fascinating as I do. I am going to share with you information on health and nutrition, changing habits, anti-aging supplements and more so that we can learn to live a balance life.

I am getting healthier and feeling more energetic and younger! Come on....join know you want to! Let's kick aging's ass!

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