Ann Murphy

Luxor, Egypt

I am a healer, writer, channeller, crafts woman and Planetary healer. I live in Egypt with my Egyptian Husband Omar. I have five daughters and two grand-daughters. I am a Reiki teacher and the originator of the Gaia Method, a method of working with the Mother Consciousness of the Earth. Together with my husband, who is also a Reiki Master and Gaia Method healer, we travel and write, rediscovering the ancient Egyptian heritage of Balance between the Divine Male and Divine Female energies.

While doing this work I also rediscover how the ancients did their work and so I can pass on this knowledge through writing and teaching the Gaia Method. Creativity and art is also a huge part of this work and I work with natural fibres, kinitting, spinning and crocheting, using arcetypal energies and symbols in my designs, which trigger unconscious memories of previous life skills and awarenesses, connecting the user to his/her own soul awareness.

Now I am working in Luxor, Egypt rediscovering the history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and travelling to sacred sites with my husband to re-energise the energies of the Divine feminine here in the Middle East.

  • Work
    • Healer
  • Education
    • Dip. Psychodynamic counselling.
    • Cert. Swedish massage.
    • Cert. Archaeology.
    • NLP Practioner Cert.
    • Usui Reiki Master.