Nancy Ann

Pittsburgh, Pa

I have 20 years of service in various roles with a large healthcare organization. My experience, dedication and hard work for the organization afforded me the opportunity to build my career as Business Manager. I am a grateful survivor of a workplace violent crime with sever PTSD. However, I'm not defined by my career or my PTSD. I am a woman of faith who counts every breath a blessing and lives with hope. My survivor status has given me the opportunity to take my story and help others. I have had loads of intensive therapy and have read a treaasure of books on PTSD. I've been blessed with my amazing therapist who has guided me through every step of recovery. It has been a rough road but she keeps me hanging on by reminding me, "Nancy I won't let go and I need you to keep holding on". Now I've got my fight back and I'm currently writing a book about my experience. I'm living life to fulfill my purpose and it feels great! I proudly support NAMI and my daily prayers are for our veterans.