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Ann Zuccardy

The world is my local.

I help my audiences get smarter.

A freak accident in a German bathtub changed the way I perceive the world.

With no protocol for rehab from the resulting brain injury, I resolved to make my own way. In the process, I created a mild traumatic brain injury support group and discovered The New Smart as a tool for creativity and career reinvention.

In 2013 I launched a professional speaking career with my first TEDx talk at TEDxPhoenixville, How a Brain Injury Made Me Smarter. In 2014, I presented my second TEDx talk at TEDxBattenkill, How Being Unsafe Makes You Smarter.

In my day-to-day work I use the ingenuity and creativity that assisted me in my recovery along with my professional writing background to inspire new ways of thinking in others. I've consistently and successfully navigated changing professional landscapes and reinvented my work to be in alignment with my values and hidden talents.

That's The New Smart in action.

And I can help you find your New Smart.

Since 1984 I've served as a: published author, blogger, technical writer, copywriter, business newsletter and feature writer, professional speaker, coach, social media marketer, corporate communicator, entrepreneur, trainer, and professional resume writer.

Contact me today to speak at your event to help your audience discover their own New Smart.

  • Work
    • AZ Communications, LLC
  • Education
    • Southern Connecticut State University, 1984, B.A. in English