You could describe me as A bored housewife with time on her hands, a foul mouth and an opinion on everything.

I have no time for pettiness or cruelty – unless it’s very, very funny. I am an observer of life, and I will share those observations with you.

I have a blog where I can put what I want something that people see and it means that at least someone ‘listens’. It includes snapshots of my life, my observations of life and the rantings of a manic, opinionated, screaming woman.

I confess to a secret yearning for a time when women wore silk and satin and men were men

I’m a married mother of five and an Unmarried Mother of two.

To make things easier to understand I was/am Married but not to the person I live with

(complicated but I may explain one day)..

I Had 5 Children with my Husband who I lived with for 16 years and after a very nasty separation I Dont get to see them any more

(However I’m hoping that one day things will change)

I now live with my partner Allan

and our two lovely boys Alex born 2003 and Ali born 2006 who really are my reason for being here

I Also have two teenage stepdaughters Amber and Tammy *Allan’s Girls* Ahh Teenage hormones nothing like them to keep you amused at times.

We Also have a mini Zoo...
we have 5 corn snakes.
2 Dogs Teal'c and Molly (known as Moo Bags)
Fish... I have no idea how many as they keep breeding and breeding.
and 2 bearded dragons...Stick insects and 5 spiders :)

hopefully soon I want to add some tarantulas as well and maybe the odd Scorpion as well , time will tell,

  • Work
    • stay at home mum
  • Education
    • Self educated with the help of various schools