Life Coach and Writer in Tennessee

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I support and promote high self-esteem. I’m an advocate for couples staying in long term loving relationships. I believe in the Law of Attraction, I encourage people to not veer off their path to a positive successful Life, to look at their past as a learning tool, to embrace their present and reach out and follow their future dream(s) and goals.

After the breakup of my marriage of 25yrs in 2002, I began my new journey to find out about myself and life. I began researching in the subjects of romance, love, relationships, and positive mental attitude. I grew in leaps and bounds; I began to take in all I was learning like a dry sponge takes in water, I couldn’t get enough.

I belong to many popular social networks and chat room sites. I have a friendly outgoing positive attitude that attracts people like a magnet no matter if I’m in the physical world or the cyber world. I interact with people from all walks of life. I am not a counselor nor do I have a degree or certificate but I do have a lifetime of experience and wisdom.

I consider myself an entrepreneur and I currently own a few businesses.

I grew up in the Great Lakes area of the USA from a very young age but I was born in Great Britain. My parents were married for 50yrs and were my role models; they taught me quality values, mannerisms and most of all Love and kindness. Like most marriages theirs was not perfect, but loving, they showed much love and support for each other as well as for my brother and I.

Mom and Dad worked hard, played hard and loved deeply. I am the woman I am today because of them. They have since passed on but I can always feel their presence.

I enjoy reading, writing, music, socializing, cultural arts and I am always open to new interests.

I believe in GOD.