Anna-Kaisa Vuorinen

Arts Professional in Tampere, Finland

Anna-Kaisa Vuorinen

Arts Professional in Tampere, Finland

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Anna-Kaisa Vuorinen also known as ANNA=KAISA is a versatile singer-songwriter, sound artist & producer who combines singing, finger piano, immersive soundscapes and aching words into music filled with hope. She also composes for the stage excelling in many genres.

For the last three years ANNA=KAISA has mainly explored the connection to nature through soundscapes and music, but sometimes she gets excited about translating and doing minimalist cover songs.

She loves singing French chansons!


In her career of 20+ years Anna-Kaisa Vuorinen has worked as a performer, actor-musician, voice over artist, producer and researcher & arts professional in applied and socially engaged arts.

She has been

  • supported by Taike in her work as a singer-songwriter & sound artist (2021-2022)
  • employed as a sound artist by Helsinki Festival and Rosace Collective (2021)
  • employed as an art educator by Tampereen taidekasvatus ry (2018-2021)
  • worked as an artist-researcher for UniArts Helsinki (2019-2020)
  • worked as a project assistant for the Cultural Affairs department, Tampere (2019)

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Listen to the collection of her music, see more of her work and contact her through any of the links below.

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Photo by Laura Toropainen

  • Education
    • Taideyliopisto / UniArts Helsinki
    • Tampere University