Anna-Louise Healy

Hi there. I'm Anna. 21 years old. Actress in training.

I love to learn. I like History, travel, books and anything old fashioned. I love fancy dress and never need an excuse to dress up. I've pretty much built up my own costume department over the years! I'm musical theatre mad. Acting is where my passion lies but I also love to sing.

I spend my free time at the theatre, shopping or just hanging out with friends and family. I also do a lot of walking and cycling.

I've done a lot of youth and voluntary work over the past 7 years, particularly in mental health and well being, which is an area I'm extremely passionate about. I've been involved in a lot of great work that I am very proud of. Even though I'm pursuing acting, I plan to stay actively involved in mental health awareness too. Just want to keep making a difference.