Anna Buss


I've always had a passion to write about relevant issues and their impact to society. A few years ago, I realized I could only do that by working on stories that interested me and publishing them on my own. The time has finally arrived. I'm currently publishing a personal page - featuring poems, personal stories, letters and music, mostly of my authorship - and a blog where I write articles about Brazil's biodiversity, sustainability and environment.

My background is in print, broadcast and Internet journalism from the United States, where I lived for 13 years - five of those working in the media. Currently, I'm currently living in Brazil's capital, where I've been teaching English and writing techniques for students taking language-preparation exams for the last three years.

Some of my hobbies include: playing the guitar, cooking, photographing, reading (anything I can put my hands on) and practicing yoga.

I'm currently working on two projects:

1. (a blog about Brazil's biodiversity, sustainability and environment).

2. (a blog with some of my poems, letters, inspirational thoughts, etc).