Anna Frandsen

Cádiz Andalusia Spain

When Anna is not translating, she is at the hospital, in the OR, dealing with patients. Simply translating is no longer sufficient. Her medical expertise comes from on-the-floor, real-time, daily action solving real medical problems and reacting on the spot to the urgent needs of sick people. The pressure of wanting to solve said problems the best that she can is a constant source of motivation to read, study and search for new methods, new ideas and new techniques. Anna provides a full range of translating, proofreading, editing, authoring and consulting services to individuals and large organizations around the world. Using the latest technology, her global and technical medical background, as well as a cadre of trained translators under her management, Anna's services are unmatched.

  • Work
    • Specialized medical language services
  • Education
    • BA, RN, MSc, PhD Candidate