Anna Gordon

Career Strategist, Mindset Coach, and Speaker in Canada

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I am passionate about helping people navigate their careers with confidence and define success on their own terms. With 20+ years of experience (gulp!) in employment consulting, career development and coaching, I am dedicated to supporting others on their journey to own their value and embrace their worth so they can STRUT (wink) towards the career success they crave.

I would (humbly, cough, cough...) say I'm a kick-ass champion, cheerleader and mountain-mover (oh yeah!). My greatest thrill is helping people shine - to witness the moment they recognize their unique brilliance and step into who they want to be. Movement, mindset, networking and self marketing are my jam.

A self-proclaimed Idea Monster, I love wild ideas, inspired challenges, and scribbling down solutions for the greater good. (Did I mention that I keep a paper and pen next to my bed?) These days you'll also find me talking about climate action and my deep desire to help people connect and engage with one another in a meaningful, nonjudgmental way.

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