Anna Gumbalik

Penang, Malaysia

I'm just a simple person ... who L.O.V.E.S >>

The beauty of NATURE...

The sound of wonderful MUSIC...

The wisdom from a BOOKS

The comfort of SOCKS that wrapped my elegant leg...

The art of SCRAPBOOKING & JOURNALING... (but I'm not even a writer anyway -- but I just love to jot down something what comes out of my mind)

The beauty of SAKURA flower...

The sweetness & sourness of ORANGES...

And foremost ... my FAMILY & BUDDIES. I can't just imagine how my LIFE will be without them. They meant everything to me.

Hardship & the sturdiness of LIFE may burden us ... season of LIFE changes everyday -- sadness, happiness, sorrow, struggles. That is LIFE is all about. Through hardship, we've learned something. Dealing with people's lives everyday thought me so much lessons. LIFE could be tough, but we just have to endure it. Just NEVER give up!

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