Anna L. Jordan

My roots run deep in Iowa and its soil. The lessons that I have learned from the land and the people have forged me into a person whose vision, passion, and tenacity compel me to learn more, do more, and give more. An education in the practice and application of law at Drake University will enable me to realize my greater potential to link resources with networks for agricultural advancement.I grew up on an Iowa farm and joyously engaged in all of its wonder and awe. The smell of freshly cut hay, the feel of soybeans slipping through my fingers, and the sound of young calves calling for their mothers are among my favorite Iowa treasures. Those formative experiences inspired my appreciation for food production and my reverence for environmental stewardship. As a sixth generation Iowa farmer, I inherited an understanding of my unlimited ability to influence my local and global communities as a producer, consumer, and innovator.As I immerse myself into agriculture, I recognize that rapidly changing technology escalates the dangers for miscommunication and lack of understanding. Specialization in agriculture has disconnected many producers of various industries. Furthermore, an information gap between policy makers and producers contributes to public misconceptions and confusion. Such misperception reaches far beyond the United States, requiring a fundamental bond to be strengthened world-wide. I intend to build the bond between farmers and consumers through the education gained at Drake University Law School.

  • Work
    • Farm Credit Service of America
  • Education
    • Drake University Law School
    • Iowa State University, Agricultural Business, Economics
    • Indian Hills Community College, with honors