Anna Kurkowska


My name's Anna. I'm a student of International Relations and Eurasian Studies at the Cracow University of Economics in Poland. 2011-2012 I was a member of AIESEC.

I was born in the early 90s, in the north of Poland, in a town named Bartoszyce, which was German (Bartenstein) until 1945. My ancestry was mostly Polish and German, with some Scandinavian, Dutch, Czech, Ukreanian and Romanian.

I love animals, my white like a snowflake cat Albin and dog Barry. And watching good movies, especially old American and contemporary Russian films...and every movie which makes me laugh :)) In fact, I like a lot of various things and I often don't know which I like more, and most... I wanna still make progress in my current language skill: improve English, and after that, Russian and French... I would like to make friends with people with whom I would be able to travel to quite interesting places, get know more about their culture...

I wish I could speak German, swim and dance...

I would like to visit Japan, the US and Scotland one day and get a job which will make me a professionally fulfilled person and it will give me great satisfaction.