Anna Martínez

Project Manager in Barcelona, Spain

I'm currently working as a coordinator of digital projects in a pharmaceutical company.
With a Bachelor Degree in Audiovisual Media and a Master in Digital Business, now I’m fully involved in digital marketing. My audiovisual expertise can, not only merge with marketing, but multiply it. This has allowed me to specialize in videomarketing.
With a desire for discovering new ICT tools and to explore social networks, I immerse in the digital area. With an entreprenurial side and an interest in anthropology, I dive into the personal and professional coaching applications.
The wide range of skills acquired in my experience and my personal motivation for continuous learning, have contributed to build up a flexible and versatile professional profile.
Another of my development paths is within yoga and meditation, a passion that has led me to study it in a training for teachers.

  • Work
    • Digital Marketing Project Coordinator