Anna Richards


My name is Anna Nicole Richards. I have one brother named Matthew. My parents are divorced I live with my mom. I love animals. I've had to many pets to even count. The most pets I've had at one time is 15. The strangest pet I've ever had was either quails or woodducks. My only current pet is my Bichon Frise named Levi. I've always want to learn to play bass guitar but I'm currently trying to learn to play guitar. My favorite colors are black and green I'm a country girl at heart but I don't show that side of me to many people because in middle school I was bullied because of it. I love archery (shooting bow and arrows). As much as I love animals I still like hunting and fishing. I am in 10th grade so I'm part of the class of 2016. I have really good grades in school I always have I read a lot of books I usaully read young adult novels but I like mysteries and romantic novels too. A few of my favorite television shows are The Fosters, Twisted and Duck Dynasty. I really like to bake. I love going to the mountians because it's so peaceful and beautiful. Small towns and country sides are my thing I don't really like cities. That's just a little bit about me.

  • Education
    • Forestview High School