Anna Roginska

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'm human, mostly... I think. Although quite possibly have a close genetic relationship with the platypus and moose. Yes, a MoPla!

I'm an avid: maker, reader, hiker, eater, dancer, sleeper, learner, and idea+information devour-er. That last one is my pride and joy, especially on a cold winter night high up in the mountains, when just about anything can be E.T., and mostly everything is the seed to some sort of world domination scheme.

I keep busy by writing, doing feel-good stuff, coding, building my forest of interactive mushrooms, helping where I can, and doing the things that pop into my head.

I plan on becoming a nomadic motorcycle-riding coder-for-hire, and will play the harmonica at gas stations on my way to travel through all of the US and Canada .

My background is a stew of: environmental studies, communication and conflict resolution workshops, marketing, baby steps in mechanical engineering, classical art, and post-grad education fun-nery in data visualization and front-end web development + Ruby (with a good dose of back-end coding toe-dipping).

Words to live by:

"If you ignore the rules, people will, half the time, quietly rewrite them so that they don't apply to you." - Terry Pratchett

Hit me up on Twitter, I'm just 140 characters away!

  • Education
    • Sheridan College
    • Interactive Multimedia
    • IMM
    • York University
    • Environmental Studies