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Hello there!

My name is Anna,I was born in Debrecen(Hungary) on 16.12.1996. At the moment,I'm in a special class for German,which means that we have more German lessons a week than the others.Well,used to have since our whole group graduated early in that subject.

From 1996 to 2006 I lived in a small town called Kisvárda. Most of my family members live there and I grew up there too.I really loved my teachers in my first school,Emil Vári Általános Iskola,but I got bullied by the kids because I didn't do what the others wanted me to and I was(and still am) diabetic. My parents decided to move to the 7th biggest city in our country called Nyíregyháza when they realised that despite having great teachers,the bullying is still there and that I didn't have much choices in that town.

After we moved,I started my 4th grade in János Apáczai Csere Általános Iskola.I really loved it there because it seemed like that the world just got bigger.I started learning German and I absolutely hated it because I wanted to learn English(it seemed a lot more useful when I was 10..) and I did not understand anything.Luckily,my mom found the best teacher possible,so I started going to a private teacher and since we got along really well,we kind of became friends.

Then the bullying started again.Some guys picked on me because I was not what they thought a girl should be:I never wore pink,I didn't put on make up,I didn't date anyone,I loved informatics,science and languages.I decided not to change schools because the school had a great reputation and I thought it was best for me.

In 2011,I succesfully graduated and got accepted to one of the best schools,Ferenc Kölcsey Gimnázium.It was a lot different from primary school:there was no bullying,we kind of wanted to achieve the same things in life and we got along well.I still think it's the best schools ever.

I passed the intermediate German language exam in 2012 and the advanced German language exam in 2013.I'm hoping to get the advanced English language exam in the following months and I want to graduate in English on advanced level. After graduating from secondary school,I'd like to spend a year abroad,maybe in the Netherlands,in Denmark or in England.After that,if I have the chance,I want to study law in Tilburg(the Netherlands) or in Copenhagen(Denmark).If that's not possible,I'd like to get a pHd in law at ELTE in Budapest(Hungary).

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