Anna Shade

Kalamazoo, MI

I'm a lifelong resident and lover of the beautiful state of Michigan. I integrate the natural elements into my nature inspired pieces. I've been creating jewelry and metal pieces since 2006 after taking courses at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Jewelry program. I use metalworking and wire wrapping techniques in my work. Nearly 100% of the components I use in my pieces are handmade. I incorporate natural materials into my jewelry and metalwork such as beach glass, Petoskey stones, Charlevoix stones (favosite coral), beach stones, gemstones, sterling silver and copper. I also incorporate Michigan industrial by-products such as slag glass and copper firebrick. The beach stones and beach glass that I use in my pieces originate from the Great Lakes - many are personally found by me. My stones are hand polished to produce a more natural look.

My work is inspired by the depth of experience that is found when studying the natural world. The stones, the copper, the sterling silver all come from the earth. The earth is where we will all return to. The fossils contained within the stones allow me to see myself in stark contrast to what has been in the past. My work transforms the energy of the past and put it back out into the world to inspire what is next to be. In this way, "The stones are singing." They certainly have a lot to tell if only we open to receive it. Being out in the natural beauty of this Great Lakes State continues to inspire me to create pieces that allow this reflection and transformation.

I love working directly with my clients on custom pieces which incorporate their found objects including beach glass and beach stones. Direct sales in retail shops and at art events allow me to share my love for stones and hear the stories so many of my clients have of their finds from beachcombing. My work can be found in Kalamazoo, Michigan at Suzanne's Organics Salon and in Glenn, Michigan at Farmhouse Chic Prim Antique.

  • Education
    • Kalamazoo Institute of Arts