Anna Shykalova

EMDR therapist, IFS-informed practitioner, and Couple therapist in Wrocław, Poland

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What do you need right now? Do you need support to cope with life’s unavoidable tragedies or a personal crisis? Do you feel that you suffer because your past keeps dragging you down? Perhaps you need courage to look ahead and want something for your future? Whatever is your current concern or concerns, being in therapy can be a private safe place for such self-exploration and for forging your path with greater self- awareness, compassion and groundedness.

EMDR therapy is a proven treatment that can help you connect your present discomfort to past experiences, reprocess traumatic memories, eliminate the present-day triggers linked to those memories, and consciously prepare for the future events.

Traumatic memories reprocessing is done through bilateral stimulation that activates your innate processing system. Since you are an expert of your plight, my role is of a facilitator who prepares you for reprocessing, equips you with self-regulation skills. Although EMDR therapy has an advantage of being shorter and more effective in comparison with other modalities, it still requires time and commitment. Would you be willing to give yourself permission to travel this road?

  • Education
    • MSc Psychology at Arden University, UK
    • MA Linguistics,Kyiv National Linguistic University