Anna Zimmermann


My name is Anna and I'm a 19 year-old girl from Switzerland. I love food and exercise and I will study nutrition and dietetics. I'm vegetarian but when I cook at home, I often cook vegan. I'm a chocoholic and love mangoes more than pretty much anything in this world. For exercise I run 3 to five times a week usually and I love hiking and power walking but I also do resistance training regularily, inspired by Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. In the past 1,5 years I completely changed my diet from a sugary, refined, fatty diet to a balanced, diverse, plant based diet and I feel so much better in my skin. Now it is my goal to give the knowledge I gathered in this time and the new knowledge I gain everyday to you guys and I hope I can inspire you to make those little changes that will lead to a huge change in your mood and overall health so you can feel confident, healthy and happy!

  • Education
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