Anna Visconti

Well, my story is not an interesting one, but if are patient I can tell you something. I was born in a small village, in Italy, a long time ago. I have always dreamt of traveling around the world that's why I studied foreign languages at university, but I only moved 20 km away from the place I was born! I love traveling as I wrote before, but I am scared of flying and this does not help if you want to go abroad. Anyway, I am sure I have deeply influenced my daughter Isabella, because she is now in Australia studying there for 10 months( well, now only 4 left, thanks God) and I really would like to go and see her at the end of her school year, but can you imagine me staying on a plane for more than 10 h ? Concerning my job experience, I have been teaching English for nearly 20 years. some years ago I moved from a Primary school to Secondary High school and I thought it was challenging, but this year it has become even harder because they want me to use technology in my classes, with my students and I am sure I have the right skills I feel I have a lot to learn before doing that!